Concerns raised over impact of lorries on road

COUNCIL officers have been urged to ensure that a road through a county hamlet is not left in a bad condition following lorry movements.

Hargreaves Production Surface Mining already had consent from the Northumberland authority to extract 130,000 tonnes of coal at the Well Hill opencast mine and last week, it received planning permission to remove 160,000 tonnes of fireclay and 30,000 tonnes of glacial clay from the site after finding that they are of a sufficient quality for commercial use.

Its lorries previously just went through Glororum so to mitigate the impact of the extra movements, a one-way system was agreed. It covers the A197 through Clifton and Loansdean, the Whalton road turn off, Tranwell and then Glororum after visiting the site to get back to the A1.

In reference to local residents and Stannington Parish Council saying the state of the Glororum road has been made even worse by heavy goods vehicles going to and from Bellway’s site at the former St Mary’s Hospital and Well Hill since December, Mitford Parish Council chair Mike Sharp said: “We have seen the impact of wagon movements on this route and we do not wish to see the same happen to Tranwell village.

“The conditions must include monitoring and repairing the road as necessary during operations and all properties fronting the route should be audited to provide a base line for potential structural damage.”

Meanwhile, some members of the county council’s planning and environment committee, including Milburn Douglas and Ian Hutchinson, said that Bellway and Hargreaves should pay for the Glororum road repairs and the authority should not have to contribute.