Cyclist saved by helmet

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A CYCLIST’S safety helmet spared him serious injuries after he was knocked unconscious when falling from his bike.

Brian Gray was riding along a route he knew well between Low Angerton and Hartburn on Friday morning when the accident happened.

But details of the fall are hazy as the 61-year-old hit his head as he fell and can not remember how he came to be lying in the road.

“I was cycling on a route I have done many times and had just left the Low Angerton area and was coming to a right-hand turn. The last thing I can remember is approaching the turn and applying my brakes. The next thing, I was sitting on the grass verge being attended to by a guy from a van and two cyclists,” he said.

“It’s a funny thing because there is a little gap now in my life that I can’t recall.

“The chap who came round the corner in his van after being on business nearby said he saw me lying flat out in the road. At first, he thought I was dead because I was unconscious and he said when I came round I was a bit like Bambi, with legs everywhere.

“The whole incident is a little bit sketchy for me because I was concussed.

“It seemed perfect conditions for cycling with the glorious weather we had, but the ambulance driver said the road was very slippery at that corner and friends have said the surface is poor.

“I can’t put that down to the cause of my accident though because I just don’t know what happened.”

The Great North Air Ambulance was called and took Mr Gray to Wansbeck Hospital for a check-up, but he was later released with minor cuts and bruises.

However, the Morpeth resident fears the situation could have been far more serious had it not been for his cycling helmet.

“Fortunately, my helmet took the brunt of the fall. I never go out on the bike on the roads without a cycling helmet,” he said.

“I used to cycle in the 70s without one because nobody seemed to wear them then, but when I retired in 2010, I started cycling again and a bought a new bike earlier this year and I always wear a helmet now.

“There is a fair bit of damage to my helmet. Looking at the damage, I certainly feel that I would have had more serious injuries if I hadn’t been wearing it.

“I certainly wouldn’t have escaped without a mark on my head and it could have been a lot worse.

“I still have friction burns and bruises and you don’t bounce so well at my age, but it hasn’t put me off cycling. I have ordered a new cycling helmet and am just waiting for it to arrive before going back out.”

He added: “I would like to thank the two cyclists who helped me. The van driver left me his card so I called him, but I don’t know who the cyclists were and because I was quite dizzy at the time of the accident I can’t remember if I thanked them properly.”

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