Shock tactics in a bid to warn of railway dangers

A HARD-HITTING video about railway accidents has been released to warn of the dangers of playing near lines.

Network Rail has released the film to show the severe consequences of trespassing or messing about near the railway.

It follows a survey of parents that found 60 per cent of those questioned in the North East had not discussed railway safety with their children.

In addition, 55 per cent of them didn’t realise that electrical power is on all of the time and more than 70 per cent were unaware that people can get a shock without actually touching the wires.

The shock video specifically highlights the dangers of electricity, including graphic images of burn victims and experts talking about the risks.

Network Rail Director of Operational Services Dyan Crowther said: “Thankfully the number of people killed or hurt on the railway is coming down, but every death or injury is preventable.

“As our video shows, receiving an electric shock is horrific and could affect you for the rest of your life, if you’re lucky not to be killed.”

Between April 2010 and March this year 26 incidents of trespass or vandalism were recorded on railways in Northumberland, not including cable theft.

Nationally, 69 people have been electrocuted after coming into contact with overhead wires or the third rail in the last ten years and a further 72 suffered injuries or trauma.