TREES: Adding to the character

The Northumbria Veteran Tree project is long overdue as there have been far too many examples of valuable local trees being negatively affected by poor conservation work.

Saturday, 6th October 2018, 06:26 am
Updated Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 12:33 pm

In the days when Tree Protection Orders were a valuable administrative option of local government, trees would have had better protection.

Hopefully, the volunteers will be visiting the Greystoke apartment development in Morpeth so they can appreciate the character, and indeed beauty, of the tree directly opposite the Methodist Church.

Its value has, in many ways, been enhanced in recent times as you compare it to the other trees in the garden there and remember different times, but all trees have their own story and it’s important that they are referred to, and considered by, the project.

As someone who has been known to moan about the levels of interest that banks offer savers, I have generally found it difficult to have much sympathy for banks.

However, over the issue of interent/postal scams that so many fall victim to these days, it’s possible to feel some due to the line between what is the individual’s responsibility and what is a bank’s responsibility being difficult to draw.

Cases of fraud will need to be judged on a case by case basis.

I do hope that the guidance banks follow is flexible enough to deal with the range of scams out there, scams which anyone could potentially fall for.

Living where I do, if I want to visit Berwick for any length of time, going by train or car is way more logical than by bus as a bus journey up to Berwick takes so long that you have limited time there before you have to turn around and come back.

Stimulating economic growth in the Borders area between England and Scotland has many positives, but it will take some cross-agency strategic planning and investment to give more people the option to visit the area and benefit from their time there through improved transport links.

The decline in numbers of wild birds that you see around the county gets ever more noticeable.

Where there used to be a wide range, from crows to sparrows, there isn’t the same level now.

Before feeding the birds outside our back door becomes something to either look back on or look up on the internet, hopefully wildlife experts can help provide guidance to the local authorities to show what they could do to improve things and how they could encourage local people to make changes to help wild birds.

It was good to read of the Cramlington Neighbourhood Plan, given the amount of money invested by Arch and Northumberland County Council into the town’s retail area and neighbouring land.

It will be good to see how the council plans to both recoup its investment and how over the period of the plan it sees Cramlington expanding.

For residents in the south of Morpeth, whether it be Loansdean or Stobhill, shopping in Cramlington is often more convenient than shopping in Morpeth so a number of issues that are of relevance to Cramlington residents have crossover importance to Morpeth residents

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue