TREES: Councillors should pay

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I refer back to letters by Elaine Peverley and Paul Leonard in relation to County Hall.

Perhaps the councillors who approved the trees being felled could fund this replanting out of their allowances, especially as the Forestry Commission ruled that the county council did not have the necessary felling licence to carry out the work.

Those who didn’t object should contribute as well because this was just as bad in my opinion.

Paul says that a new bus station has been built in Ashington at the site that was earmarked for the new County Hall and that keeping the old building up-to-date is estimated to cost £25m, with another £8million per year to run.

Firstly, I have to question where he gets these figures from? I certainly haven’t seen the £8million per year claim being made during the County Hall debate.

As for the Ashington site, the council has only moved a few of the bus shelters.

But I think there is an opportunity here to create a new bus station and perhaps link it with the leisure centre.

And if you make the section from the top half of Lintonville Terrace to the Asda supermarket one way, this would address the problems of vehicles turning right onto Station Road.

Keith Soulsby