TREES: '˜Deaf' to views of the public

I wonder if those who ordered the trees to be cut down at County Hall are feeling pleased with themselves.

Thursday, 9th February 2017, 8:29 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:47 am

What was once a green and pleasant part of the entrance to the town is now a blitzed landscape, which come the spring and summer will be devoid of wildlife.

These people seem to care nothing for the views of the people of Morpeth, and I am wondering why the site is being cleared before planning permission is given for anything.

Our town is in danger of being engulfed by a sea of bricks and mortar. The people who worked so hard to develop the Neighbourhood Plan, and the people who voted for it, may be feeling that some councillors are presenting the Agincourt gesture towards them.

Newcastle councillors listened to people when they protested about trees being demolished for a roundabout and about a fast food outlet near schools. Northumberland County Council appears to suffer from deafness.

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