TREES: Promises prove to be hollow

Words (almost) fail to convey the stinging, heart-wrenching disappointment around the ongoing tale of the new Morpeth First School and another chapter of woe in a sorry saga.

Thursday, 4th October 2018, 06:26 am

We were promised by Northumberland County Council that the trees that overlooked the site to the east, which have stood for decades, screening it from neighbours, would be retained.

These are also home to a bat colony and are believed to be protected.

However, quelle surprise, the council in its ‘wisdom’ has hacked them down on the grounds of health and safety.

Why we wail? As a Merley Gate resident it’s extremely vexing that it was felt necessary to take such drastic measures.

Why was it that the ‘health and safety measures’ the council now spouts for the felling were never properly anticipated when the original plans were drawn up?

Surely, it’s not beyond the wit and wisdom of the (hopefully) competent experts employed by the council to have raised the potential dangers that any requisite tree thinning would expose, and accordingly, put forward alternative plans for public consideration? Seemingly not.

And despite the promises, the assurances, the efficacy of doing the right thing, the people’s voice has been heeded…again, we feel we have been misled.

In the shattered stumps are broken promises, failure and public rancour.

These tall trees provided a welcome screen for the neighbourhood. This has been taken from us.

I hope the council has ambitions for a new tree planting scheme, one that we all look forward to seeing. However, I won’t hold my breath in anticipation.

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