Trend-setting and tea time with WI members

Lancaster Park WI

By The Newsroom
Monday, 18 September, 2017, 14:49
Members of Lancaster Park WI along with guests met up at the lovely home of Rosy Walker for a Strawberry Tea held in aid of the charity Canine Partners-Amazing Dogs who transform lives. Rosy Walker and Pauline Simpson pictured here hosted this event.

At the July meeting of Lancaster Park WI the speaker was David Sayer, from Trading Standards, who gave an amusing talk with a very clear message on scams — how to spot them and how not to get caught.

He quoted the well-known ploy in which a workman calls at the door informing you that your roof needs repairing.

The advice is to say that you will be contacting a local firm and close the door.

In the case of phone calls from unknown firms the main advice is to say nothing and put the phone down.

A week later, on a beautiful sunny afternoon, members, along with guests, met up at the lovely home of Rosy Walker for a Strawberry Tea held in aid of the charity Canine Partners — amazing dogs who transform lives.

Guests enjoyed the event, both indoors and in the garden. Rosy Walker and Pauline Simpson, pictured, hosted this event with grace and charm, making everyone feel welcome. In the evening a group of members travelled to the lovely village of South Charlton to attend a meeting of Eglingham WI.

Jane Mann and her friend Hilary, from the Bailiffgate Museum in Alnwick, entertained us with a fashion display from the 1940s onwards. Hilary, born in 1951, was dressed in a stunning, figure-hugging costume worn by her mother in that year.

Walking elegantly up and down the aisle, she demonstrated various items, telling us about their origins, how they were worn, how they were laundered, and describing the lifestyles of the wearers.

Her talk was both interesting and hilarious.

The evening was rounded off by the usual delicious buffet.