Trust hoping for a red year at Wallington

Spring has sprung and the red squirrels at Wallington are out and about making the most of the sunshine and enjoying a good feed.

Friday, 29th March 2019, 11:45 am
Updated Friday, 29th March 2019, 11:48 am
The young red squirrel pictured at the Wallington estate.

Ranger Chris Johnson captured footage and took pictures of a young red squirrel exploring its surroundings and foraging for food close to Rothley Lake on the National Trust estate last weekend.

With females now expecting their first litter of the year, due to arrive in May, the team at Wallington is hoping for a successful breeding season to help its already healthy population.

The young red squirrel pictured at the Wallington estate.

There are now approximately 200 red squirrels spread across the 20 square mile estate, with reds frequently spotted in the woods within the main visitor area.

Ongoing work to make the woodlands an even better environment for red squirrels is being led by the National Trust’s only dedicated Red Squirrel Ranger, Glen Graham.

He said: “This is the fifth year of our red squirrel conservation project at Wallington and it comes after a big invasion by grey squirrels last year, which sadly resulted in a small outbreak of squirrel pox.

“The plan this year is to introduce some red squirrel nesting boxes and new feeders in the woods, as well as offering more dates on our popular Dawn Patrol and Sunset trips where visitors can come out with me and help fill feeders, look for evidence of reds (and greys) and find out more about this beautiful native species and how we’re looking after them at Wallington.”