Trust keen to pass on its expertise to others

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust's Claire Riley has been named as a North East Marketing Great.
Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust's Claire Riley has been named as a North East Marketing Great.

A health organisation is using its expertise in patient feedback to help other NHS trusts around the country.

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has developed a comprehensive programme to capture real-time feedback from patients while they are still in hospital, with responses shared with teams within 24 hours.

All feedback is used to improve the quality of services.

And now officials are using their techniques to help other trusts develop and improve their own patient experience programmes.

In partnership with The Patient Experience Network, Northumbria Healthcare is now working with nine other NHS organisations to share best practice and support other parts of the NHS to develop their own bespoke patient experience programmes.

Annie Laverty, director of patient experience at the Trust, said: “We are delighted to be involved in this partnership work with colleagues from all corners of the UK, which will allow us all to share learning from what our patients tell us and truly embed this far and wide across the NHS.

“Our approach at Northumbria has always been about understanding what matters most to our patients, encouraging our teams to own and lead improvements and to foster a positive mind-set to make things even better.

“By coming together with partners across the UK, our aim is to create a meaningful community of practice that is focused on scaling up patient experience in the NHS, both in terms of the approach to measurement and in the tangible improvements delivered by really listening to what patients say.”

Over the next 12 months, Northumbria will support each of the nine organisations with bespoke training and access to all the evidence-based resources and reporting mechanisms that are at the heart of its success story.

They will also visit the North East to see first-hand how the programme works at Northumbria and receive mentoring and support to roll-out the programme in their own areas.

Meanwhile, the trust’s director of communications and corporate affairs, Claire Riley, has been included in the regional list of the 50 leading marketers published by The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

The North East Marketing Greats mentioned work in key industries or for a big brand.

Claire said: “I’m delighted and humbled to be among such distinguished company. We are all helping to develop the vast marketing expertise we have in our region.

“Working within a health organisation is an extremely rewarding career and it is great to feel part of an organisation that is influencing so many lives positively.”