Two new businesses move into the Arcade

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Davison House, at Sanderson Arcade, in Morpeth has welcomed two new businesses to the centre over the last few weeks.

Peter Hobson was the first to move in, taking up an office space of 169sq.ft overlooking the main Piazza area at the shopping centre.

The company specialises in the design and manufacture of composite racing yachts.

The business was established in 2014 by Mr Hobson, who has worked all over the world as a professional boat builder and small craft designer.

He previously operated from a workshop in Pegswood.

However, the move has allowed the business to shift its focus more to design and consultancy and away from manufacturing.

Mr Hobson, who founded the company, said: “The arcade provides an ideal location for us to grow our business. It’s a fantastic and relaxed environment to be creative in and we love being in the heart of the town centre.

“It’s also great to have all the town centre facilities on the doorstep and plenty of places to meet and entertain our clients.”

Funeral Plans For You, headed by Kelvin Henderson, has also opened at the centre.

The company is operating a small call centre service to clients from a 256sq.ft office.

It specialises in offering a range of funeral plans, which can be tailored to individual needs and budget.

Sanderson Arcade Centre Manager Medi Parry said: “It is always nice to welcome established and new start up businesses to the arcade.

“We’re delighted that both have moved into Davison House and we wish them all the very best in their new premises.”