Uniforms to go back to old-school in September

Mark Simpson, head of school at King Edward VI School, Morpeth.
Mark Simpson, head of school at King Edward VI School, Morpeth.

King Edward VI School in Morpeth is returning to a uniform of blazers and ties in September – a tradition previously held by the school for many years.

The change was approved following consultation with staff, parents and students.

Head of school Mark Simpson said: “We are really looking forward to our fantastic young people returning to school in September in their new smart uniform.

“Uniform is so important – it sets the standards and expectations, and ensures equality so that we can focus on learning and developing accomplished students.”

Although most responses were supportive of the change, some concerns were raised by a number of parents regarding the additional costs for a new uniform, and there were comments that the current uniforms in stock should not be disposed of lightly.

Mr Simpson responded: “Support is available for families who might struggle financially and we are keen to ensure that any old style uniform is not wasted.

“We do appreciate that not everyone agrees with this change and that people often hold very different views about school uniform.

“However, we would like to thank parents for their engagement with the consultation and for their continued support for the school.”

KEVI is working with Team Kenya to send good quality used uniform to needy children and it has also set up a system whereby old uniform, which is not suitable to be re-used, is recycled.