Useful trip to Whitby for group

A group from Morpeth recently went on a fact-finding mission to learn more about the floral clock in Whitby, which was restored in 2005.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 24 November, 2017, 13:17
Friends of Morpeths Floral Clock and other Morpeth representatives are pictured with some of those involved with the floral clock in Whitby.

Representatives from the Facebook page Friends of Morpeth’s Floral Clock, who would like to see Morpeth’s own floral clock restored, Northumberland County Council and Morpeth Town Council travelled to the North Yorkshire town.

Despite a number of repairs over the years, the feature in Carlisle Park that was presented to the Borough of Morpeth in 1972 has not worked since 2008.

Barbara Ross, one of the people who set up the Facebook group, said: “We had a fantastic day.

“We were treated like royalty and given the opportunity to learn from their experiences, as well as being able to view the clock in the context of Pannett Park and to meet with various representatives – including volunteers, local councillors and parks officers.

“We are well aware that there is a long way to go and that no promises or commitments have been made.

“If this does go ahead, we know that we will need to address issues of finance in both the initial set-up and the maintenance stage.

“However, our group remains positive and enthusiastic about the restoration of our floral clock and we think it would be wonderful for Morpeth, especially given the fact that floral clocks are so rare in England.”