Vets to offer free clinics for overweight pets

Free weight loss clinics are being offered to help podgy pets shed the pounds.

Alnorthumbria Vets is running the specialist sessions across its branches, offering advice on pets’ weight and nutrition, as well as weight-loss programmes.

The clinics start this month as over-indulgence over the festive period is not just restricted to humans, but four-legged friends often find treats aplenty and lots of left-overs to tuck into.

Pet obesity is increasing across the UK and can lead to health problems so vets advise adopting a New Year resolution to help animals lead a happier and healthier life.

Among the more common conditions associated with excess weight in pets are diabetes, arthritis, joint and mobility problems, increased frequency and risk of joint injuries, high blood pressure, skin and coat problems, anal gland conditions and pancreatitis.

The specialist clinics are available at surgeries for both cats and dogs, and appointments include a free bag of food and a weight-loss pack.

To book a free weight clinic appointment call Alnorthumbria Vets in Morpeth on 01670 505321, or Ponteland on 01661 871570. For more information visit