Vets warn of virus outbreak

DOG owners in Northumberland are being urged to check their pets’ vaccination records after an outbreak of a highly-contagious disease.

The Robson & Prescott veterinary practice, which has a branch in Morpeth and other towns across the county, has reported an increase in cases of the potentially life-threatening parvovirus – 10 confirmed cases have been treated in just over two weeks.

Owners are advised to look out for symptoms, including vomiting and diarrhoea.

As a result of the outbreak, Robson & Prescott is running a vaccine amnesty for any puppy or dog whose vaccinations are overdue. A full course of two injections for the price of a single booster is being offered until the end of April.

Vet Kate Matheson said: “It is devastating to see animals suffer for the sake of a 10-minute visit to the vet once a year.”