Village growers beat the weather

Hebron Show'Eliza Brewster's winning animal.
Hebron Show'Eliza Brewster's winning animal.
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DESPITE an awful summer of weather, an impressive number of entries were submitted for this year’s Hebron Village Show.

The produce tables included some delightful displays.

Hebron Show'Linda Bright's baubles

Hebron Show'Linda Bright's baubles

Children’s entries were up, especially the vegetable animal category, and Olivia Dungait’s baking knocked the grown-ups off their perch with her winning fruit scones.

Linda Bright displayed baubles, a Christmas craft she is offering in the Village Hall on December 6 between 7pm and 9pm.

Tickets cost £6, to include mulled wine and a mince pie, and will go on sale in November.


Hebron Show  produce

Hebron Show produce

Garden produce (judges Alan and Carole Davison)

Four potatoes: 1 and 2 M Duffy, 3 T Dungait, highly commended C Edge; Three onions: 1 and 2 C Edge; Three carrots: 1 J Craigs; Three pods beans: 1 M Duffy, 2 C+C Hill, 3 M Duffy; Three eating apples: 1 M Duffy, 2 C+C Hill, 3 C Dungait; Three cooking apples: 1 D Dungait; Three turnips/swedes: 1 T Dungait, 2 D Dungait; One truss of tomatoes: 1 P Archer, 2 M Duffy; Largest pumpkin: 1 P Archer; Bizarre vegetable: 1 A Dungait.

Household produce (judge Ann Gray)

Six cupcakes: 1 E Gray; Chocolate cake: 1 M Baker, 2 J Craigs, 3 L Bright/E Gray; Lemon drizzle cake: 1 R McWilliam, 2 J Brewster, 3 K Baker; Three fruit scones: 1 Olivia Dungait, 2 P Duffy, 3 J Craigs; Six ginger snaps: 1 P Duffy; Jar of jam or jelly: 1 K Baker, 2 M Baker, 3 and highly commended P Duffy; Jar of chutney: 1 M Baker; Half a dozen eggs: 1 L Craigs, 2 K Dungait, 3 T Dungait; Fruit liqueur: 1 E Gray, 2 J Craigs, 3 E Gray.

Non-competitive classes for all ages (judge Carole Davison)

Vase of cut flowers: 1 J Brewster, 2 M Baker, 3 P Addison; Artwork: 1 C Dungait, 2 L Bright.

Children’s classes (judge Ann Gray)

Baking: 1 Olivia Dungait, 2 Eliza Brewster, 3 Olivia Dungait; Vegetable animals: 1 Eliza Brewster, 2 Amy Dungait, 3 Owen Dungait, highly commended Tom Dungait; Poem: 1 Eliza Brewster, 2 Tom Dungait; Artwork: 1 Sandi Pell, 2 Niki Pell, 3 Eliza Brewster, 4 Niki Pell; Crafts: 1 Olivia Dungait, 2 Eliza Brewster.