Village tackles eyesores

MOVES are under way to tackle eyesore areas in Pegswood.

Brightening up buildings and getting rid of unwanted features were among the issues raised in a survey of residents, which formed the basis of the Village Plan published 18 months ago.

With plans for new equipment, gardens and floral areas in full swing, attention has now turned to addressing things that people want to see removed or improved.

County councillor for Pegswood David Woodard, who is also a member of the parish council, organised a meeting in the village involving the regeneration team from the authority to discuss the matter.

And after some major scaffolding on a house was pointed out as something that had been bothering residents for a number of months, council officers ordered it to be taken down.

Coun Woodard said: “The scaffolding had been causing concern for some time and residents are pleased that they don’t have to see it anymore.

“Opportunities are ongoing to make improvements across the village. One area we are looking at is the frontage of the Welfare building – we are exploring the possibility of introducing some greenery.

“The people of Pegswood want to see it looking nice and tidy and the parish council is doing all it can to tackle eyesores.”