Visitors step back in time during day-trip

The Dutch visitors and Morpeth Lions at Beamish.
The Dutch visitors and Morpeth Lions at Beamish.

morpeth Lions Club

Morpeth Lions hosted a party of eight from the Heemskerk and Castricum Lions Club of Holland.

This is the latest in a series of biennial visits between the clubs.

First stop for the visitors was Beamish Museum. It was a warm day and they caught the tram to the old town. As well as the shops and buildings, they enjoyed a band. They visited the railway station, before walking onto the old village, and went down the drift mine.

In the evening they joined more Morpeth Lions for a meal at a local Italian restaurant. The Dutch Lions had devised a quiz where the questions had either/or answers, but both were correct.

The next day it was off the Tynemouth to visit the market and have lunch on the seafront. Sadly it was goodbye again until Morpeth Lions visit Holland next year.