Voters say no to reform

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VOTERS in Northumberland have given a resounding no to electoral reform.

Almost 100,000 votes were cast in the county last week in the referendum to decide whether the UK should move to an alternative vote system instead of the current first-past-the-post arrangements.

Of those who took part in the ballot, an overwhelming 72.6 per cent voted to stick with the present system.

The count took place at Concordia Leisure Centre in Cramlington on Friday.

A total of 99,846 votes were counted, with 72,500 opting to keep the first-past-the-post system and just 27,252 voting for change.

Turnout was 41 per cent.

The result largely reflected the picture nationally in which the Yes campaign for change attracted 32 per cent of the vote and the No campaign had 68 per cent.