Voting day in council ward

The new parish hall at St Aidan's Church in Stobhill is one of the polling stations.
The new parish hall at St Aidan's Church in Stobhill is one of the polling stations.

The by-election for the Morpeth Town Council Stobhill ward takes place today.

The vacancy was created when Rachel Moore resigned from the authority and there are three candidates.

Stobhill ward residents can vote between the hours of 7am and 10pm.

The polling station for people in Middle Greens, Castle Square, Deuchar Park and Allery Banks is Morpeth First School, Goosehill. Those who live south of the railway station need to go to the new hall at St Aidan’s Church, Shields Road.

The three candidates are as follows.

Dorothy Downing (Labour): Dorothy was a qualified teacher but changed careers and worked for Northumbria Probation Trust for more than 30 years in many Northumberland and Tyneside locations.

She joined the Labour Party over 30 years ago. She served on Morpeth Town Council for 16 years and for part of that period was chair of the Planning and Transport Committee. She then served on the then Castle Morpeth Borough Council for two years.

In the past she was a governor for Morpeth First School and was a member of the Independent Tribunal Service working as a voluntary panel member for appeals made against the benefits system.

She has been married to Trevor for almost 39 years and they raised their four children in the town.

Lee Walker (Liberal Democrats): Lee has worked in family law, the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and DAWN Advice and the education sector.

She has also been volunteering in the community for many years – for example at the PTA for Chantry Middle School and Technology College and fund-raising for King Edward VI School, at the Morpeth-based Northumberland Credit Union and presently at the Stobhill Community Link facility.

Lee has lived in Morpeth for more than 25 years. She is married and has two teenage sons, who have both gone through the Morpeth school system.

She says that standing as a town councillor in this by-election is a logical next step as she is interested in becoming more involved with her community.

Johnny Wearmouth (Conservatives): He was announced as the Tory candidate in an earlier Herald edition. He has always lived in Morpeth and currently lives locally with his wife and young family.

Johnny is a self-made businessman and in his professional life, he is very familiar with the operation of the planning system. He put his name forward as a candidate because he wants to give something back to the community.