Waging war on danger greenery

PONTELAND residents are being urged to make sure their hedges or trees are not getting in the way of others.

The town council is putting together a ward survey for its members to make a note of those whose greenery is causing a dangerous obstruction to the public and motorists.

These people will be told that Northumberland County Council may come along and cut the growth, then charge the householder for doing the work.

Ponteland Mayor Peter Cowey said: “In some cases the growth is such that passers-by need either to duck to get past or move over to the edge of the pavement and those pushing prams probably come too close to the edge of the road.

“On some corners it is also becoming difficult, if not dangerous, for car drivers.

“They need to come out beyond the line of the road to see what may be coming and this is a potential accident waiting to happen.

“We will be reminding residents that hedges or trees that grow over their boundary line are their responsibility and if they don’t cut them they could well pay the penalty.”

In their ward survey, councillors will also look out for things such as pavements in a poor condition and the number of bins given to householders in each street by the county council.