Walkers helped from the hills

TWO walkers were brought to safety after getting lost in the dark.

The walkers from Morpeth and Cambois had decided on a day’s excursion into the Cheviots, following a route that their guide book suggested would take 10 hours to complete.

However, night fell when they were still some way from their car, leaving them unsure of their route.

They called Northumbria Police, who put them in touch with Northumbria Mountain Rescue Team, and they were advised to stay in their position on top of Coldlaw Cairn until help arrived.

The rescue team of Mark Silmon, Andrew Miller and Iain Nixon drove along the Ingram Valley and on reaching Low Bleakhope Farm in preparation for the climb, they were met by farmer Stuart Nelson, who offered to give them a lift in his ATV.

He drove them all the way to where the walkers were sheltering and returned to the valley with everyone on board.

Team Leader Mr Silmon said: “The walkers were both experienced, prepared and well equipped. It was just bad luck that they ran out of time.

“They did absolutely the right thing in calling for help.

“Once we knew their location, it was a straight-forward operation, made easier by the generous assistance of Stuart Nelson and his ATV.”

The incident happened on Tuesday, February 14.