WALKING: Increase is encouraging

I am very encouraged to see the latest statistics from the Active People Survey 8, which shows that the number of residents walking for at least ten minutes, five times a week, has increased in the North East by two per cent over the last year.

At Living Streets we want to create a nation of walkers, people who choose to walk when their journey covers a short distance, so this is very heartening to see.

Walking is beneficial to the health of our residents, but also to our economy. The more we get out and walk, the more footfall we will generate in our local towns and cities.

In England, the percentage that walk for at least ten minutes, five times per week, has increased from 43.8 per cent to 47.2 per cent, equivalent to around 1.5 million more people. This signifies a great turning point in the movement for walking.

It’s rewarding to see a greater number of people in the North East walking to get to work or the shops, but Living Streets would like to see this increase even more.

I believe it is important to create opportunities for people living in the North East to walk more in their towns and cities as a mode of transport to help improve the health, economy and environment around us.

Jennifer Wiles,

North East Regional Director Living Streets