WAR REPORT: Accounts make for a good read

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A Grand Concert was held by the blinded musicians in aid of sailors and soldiers blinded in the war at the Playhouse in Morpeth on November 29, 1917, according to the latest edition of your war report feature.

This reminded me of the statue in the entrance to the National Memorial Arboretum.

The accompanying exhibition highlights the successful lives those so injured went on to live as musicians, weavers, post office managers, telephonists, and so much more.

But they needed help, such as that now provided by our contributions to the Poppy Appeal.

Reading of the death of the “cream of their young men and some who were not young” is a chilling reminder each week of the sacrifice Morpeth families made.

However, accounts of the council meetings are quite hilarious and somewhat bizarre.

This week we see the outgoing Mayor being thanked for not missing a council or committee meeting — I bet the current Mayor hopes judgement of his reign will be as simplistic.

But rather more poignantly, the incoming Mayor hopes that during his year there would come the blessings of peace.

I would like you to pass on to the Mackay family my thanks for their release of these reports.

Sue Ashmore