WATCH: Lottery winners delight

How would you spend millions of pounds?

It is a £100million lottery weekend!

It could be you!

It could be you!

There is £44million up for grabs tonight with the EuroMillions and £56million to be won in Saturday's roll-over Lotto draw.

If your numbers came up what would you do? Spend, spend, spend or give it all to charity?

We popped in to Hadston House Youth and Community Centre to see what people there would do if they won. - watch the VIDEO to see their choices.

Like Kitty, do you think the sums are too large for one person and there should be a limit on the winnings?

We would love to hear what you would do with that amount of money.

Which good causes would you support and why? What shops would you like to have a spending spree in? What car would you treat youself to? Or is your life already just as you want and you wouldn't change a thing?

We would love you to share your lottery fantasies with us and could be you!