WATCH: New film raises awareness about emotional abuse

A powerful and emotive new film has been launched to change the way young people see and understand emotional abuse in relationships.

The video was unveiled by Northumberland Domestic Abuse Services (NDAS) on Valentine’s Day.

A still image from the video.

A still image from the video.

It comes as recorded domestic abuse in the county is three times higher than the national average.

The two-minute feature, produced by London-based company Raw Productions, shows the impact of coercive and controlling relationships.

Through the medium of dance, it demonstrates a man manipulating his partner. At one point, he is seen moving her around like a puppet.

Maggie Martin, NDAS’s domestic-abuse practitioner for children and young people, believes the film will help to raise awareness about the issue.

She said: “The video is about emotional control and the film is very powerful and emotive. The reaction to it has been phenomenal and some people have said that they have had goosebumps watching it.

“Young people get a lot of messages from films and music videos, so by spreading the message through dance, we thought we would be doing something that young people can relate to.

“Domestic abuse is a massive issue in Northumberland and because there are a lot of rural pockets, a lot of abuse is hidden away more easily.

“This video is the start of a campaign with young people to raise awareness.”

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