WATCH: Robson Green wants to make more series of hit TV show

TV star Robson Green has spoken of his desire to make further episodes of a popular show which highlights the beauty and diversity of his native Northumberland, ahead of the second-series launch on Monday.

More Tales from Northumberland will air weekly on ITV at 8pm and the prime-time, eight-part documentary will chronicle the Hexham-born actor’s adventures around the county.

Robson Green at the launch of More Tales from Northumberland at Alnwick Playhouse on Monday. Picture by Jane Coltman.

Robson Green at the launch of More Tales from Northumberland at Alnwick Playhouse on Monday. Picture by Jane Coltman.

During the next instalment of the show, which comes on the back of the hugely-successful first series, the 50-year-old will explore areas of Northumberland which he has never been to before, and some he didn’t even know existed.

And while the programme has given Robson the chance to encounter plenty that the county has to offer, from swimming with dolphins to camping in the stunning College Valley, the Wire in the Blood star believes there are still more stories to tell.

Speaking at an exclusive event at Alnwick Playhouse on Monday, which gave an invited audience the chance to have a sneak-peak at the first two episodes of the second series, he said: “We have only just scratched the surface of Northumberland, so I am sure there is scope to do more series. If we keep the same team, production values and stories, it will do a third. It could run and run, who knows.”

The first series drew audiences of almost four million per episode and research showed it provided a great boost to the county’s profile.

The Secret Kingdom is, perhaps, not quite so secret anymore, but Robson admits that he is delighted that his Tales have helped put Northumberland in the spotlight.

He said: “The first series was so successful, I was so pleased with the reaction it got nationally. If I can contribute in some way to helping Northumberland, that’ll be one of the proudest things I could be associated with.

“I am more than happy to call Northumberland home and there were all these things I knew that were out there that I wanted to tell the world about. I really wanted people to come along and see the best-kept secret in England for themselves.”

The second series will be out on DVD from the spring. It is available to pre-order now through Amazon.