Welfare information needed

COUNCILLORS have asked for detailed proposals before it will give financial support to Pegswood Welfare next year.

There was praise for the community facility from some members of the parish council after they attended a meeting between it and landowner Welbeck Estates earlier this month.

But the authority has insisted that a full business plan for what it intends to achieve in the next few years must be submitted before it will hand over £3,000 to help with the welfare’s core costs in 2012/13.

Coun David Woodard, who attended the meeting, said: “It has three new trustees and a new administrator, Susan Heads, who has lots of good ideas.

“We need more information before we can support them, but the situation there is an improvement on what we had before.”

Chairman Simon Willcox welcomed the changes, however he said it was important for the staff and trustees to clearly outline how it will serve the whole community in the coming years.

And Coun Peter Stonell added: “The only way we can support the welfare is if we get a detailed business plan that answers our questions about its future.

“For example, which other organisations does it expect will award it grant funding?”

It also applied for £700 for IT equipment, but as it is a capital cost the council referred it to the Potland Burn fund.