What a blooming good show

Molly Strorer show off her hand crafted  winning Royal Jubilee Souvenier. Photograph  Keith Robertson.
Molly Strorer show off her hand crafted winning Royal Jubilee Souvenier. Photograph Keith Robertson.

ORGANISERS of this year’s Ponteland Parish Flower Show were delighted with the standard of this year’s entries.

The wet weather earlier in the summer did not put off local residents from trying to win trophies in a range of categories and hundreds of people came along to the Memorial Hall to appreciate their efforts.

After the prizes were handed out at the 35th staging of the event, there was an auction of produce and flowers to help pay for it and start the fund-raising for next year.

Show Chairman Syd Cowan said: “Between April and August we had 75 per cent of the annual average rainfall over the last 15 years, which really hampered growing conditions.

“But that didn’t stop people from taking part and we had entries in almost every class. Thankfully, the mainly dry weather in the last couple of weeks helped them to get everything ready in time.

“In the circumstances, the flowers were exceptional, the vegetables were very good and the other sections looked great.

“It was also pleasing to see the attendance go up from last year’s total and the takings for the auction were double the 2011 amount. The baked goods in particular were in high demand.”

The committee will hold a fund-raising event in March. Some of the money collected will go towards the 2013 show and the rest to charity.


Overall winners

Ponteland Parish Council Challenge Salver, best pot plant: Irene Straughan; Northumberland Fuchsia Society Trophy, best fuchsia: JB Scott; Bobby Thompson Memorial Trophy, best hybrid tea roses: Ian Walker; Alan Cowell Award, best hanging basket: Marion Prince; Bob Woolley Award, best exhibit in roses: Audrey Christie; Ponteland Parish Council Challenge Rose Bowl, best cut flowers: Marion Prince; Bobby Thompson Memorial Trophy, best heather exhibit: John Turner; Bill Crow Memorial Quaich, most points in heather classes: Dorothy Wild; Ponteland Parish Council Challenge Trophy, best exhibit in vegetables: Tony Murphy; Adam Wilkinson Trophy, best exhibit in peas and beans: Ian Walker; White Challenge Trophy, best vegetable collection: Bob Butcher; Stan Dytham Memorial Trophy, most points in vegetable classes: Bob Butcher; Rotary Club of Ponteland Children’s Trophy, best handwriting: Lottie Jones and Amy Sparshott; Ponteland Town Council Trophy, best tiara: Samantha Gray; Ponteland Ladies’ Circle Challenge Award, best exhibit in children’s classes: Katie Drew; Mary Anderson Shield, most points in children’s classes: Jenny Craggs; Stanley C Dytham Cookery Perpetual Challenge Trophy, most points in cookery classes: Penny Hewitt; Margaret Dodsworth Championship Trophies (senior and junior), best apple pies: Alice Cowell (junior), Jean Sadler (senior); Thornhill Women’s Institute Trophy, best exhibit in handicrafts: Valerie McNally; Women’s Institute Challenge Salver, most points in handicrafts: Grange Lea; Barbara White Memorial Trophy, best exhibit in art: Daisy Haggerty; T Geoffrey Willey Photographic Cup, best exhibit in photography: Joan Helliwell.


Pot plant, flowering: 1 Irene Straughan, 2 JB Scott, 3 Jack White; Pot plant, foliage: 1 David Goodchild; One fuchsia: 1, 2 and 3 JB Scott; One cactus or succulent plant: 1 and 2 John Angel, 3 Keith Melton; One vase mixed flowers: 1 Marion Prince, 2 David Goodchild, 3 Maria Shuttleworth; One vase of annuals: 1 Brian Richards; Three chrysanthemum blooms: 1 and 2 Maria Shuttleworth; Spray chrysanthemums: 1 Ian Walker, 2 Maria Shuttleworth; Three hybrid tea roses: 1 Audrey Christie, 2 and 3 Mike Sadler; One hybrid tea rose: 1 Brian Richards, 2 Mike Sadler, 3 Brian Richards; One stem floribunda rose: 1 Audrey Christie; Hanging basket: 1 Marion Prince, 2 JB Scott, 3 Syd Cowan; One gladiolus spike: 1 Syd Cowan, 2 Ian Walker, 3 Syd Cowan; Three spikes of gladioli: 1 Maria Shuttleworth, 2 John Turner; Three pompom dahlias: 1 Keith Bissett, 2 Maria Shuttleworth; Three cactus dahlias, small: 1 Maria Shuttleworth, 2 Cranston Cuthbert, 3 Maria Shuttleworth; Three cactus dahlias, medium: 1 Margaret Young, 2 Maria Shuttleworth; Three decorative dahlias, min. or small: 1, 2 and 3 Cranston Cuthbert; Three decorative dahlias, medium: 1 and 2 Keith Bissett, 3 Maria Shuttleworth; One vase of seven dahlias: 1 Keith Bissett, 2 Cranston Cuthbert, 3 Maria Shuttleworth; One vase of mixed sweet peas: 1 Maria Shuttleworth, 2 Audrey Christie; One vase of five pinks: 1 Maria Shuttleworth; Four pansies or violas: 1 and 2 Irene Straughan, 3 Syd Cowan; One saintpaulia: 1 Irene Halliday, 2 and 3 Lucinda Porter; One lady’s spray: 1 and 2 Irene Straughan, 3 Margaret Cowan; One gentleman’s buttonhole: 1 and 2 Margaret Cowan, 3 Irene Straughan; Six heathers, single, white: 1 Dorothy Wild; Six heathers, single, other than white: 1 and 2 John Turner, 3 Dorothy Wild; Heathers, double, other than white: 1 and 2 Dorothy Wild; Buttonhole made from heathers: 1 Dorothy Wild, 2 Irene Straughan, 3 Jean Murphy.


Three beetroot: 1, 2 and 3 Bob Butcher; One cabbage: 1, 2 and 3 Bob Butcher; Two carrots, long: 1 and 2 Bob Butcher; Two carrots, stump or intermediate: 1, 2 and 3: Bob Butcher; One cauliflower: 1 and 2 Bob Butcher; One cucumber, greenhouse, long: 1 Penny Hewitt, 2 John Hinchley, 3 David Morris; One lettuce: 1 and 2 Syd Cowan, 3 JB Scott; Two leeks, blanch: 1, 2 and 3 Tony Murphy; Two leeks, not blanch: 1, 2 and 3 Tony Murphy; One marrow, quality: 1 Kathleen Farquhar, 2 Syd Cowan, 3 Kathleen Farquhar; One marrow, heaviest: 1, 2 and 3 John Hinchley; Two parsnips: 1 and 2 Bob Butcher; Three onions from seed: 1 Bob Butcher, 2 Tony Murphy; Three onions from sets: 1, 2 and 3 Bob Butcher; Four onions, under 2lbs: 1, 2 and 3 Bob Butcher; Six shallots: 1 David Goodchild, 2 Syd Cowan, 3 Bob Butcher; Two courgettes: 1 and 2 John Hinchley, 3 David Goodchild; Five tomatoes: 1 and 2 Syd Cowan, 3 Violet Porter; One truss of tomatoes: 1 David Goodchild, 2 JB Scott, 3 Mary Guy; Nine cherry tomatoes: 1 Syd Cowan, 2 Marion Prince, 3 David Goodchild; Six pods of peas: 1 Mary Guy, 2 Irene Straughan; Six pods of runner beans: 1 Ian Walker, 2 David Goodchild, 3 Marion Prince; Six pods of French beans: 1 and 2 Penny Hewitt, 3 Jeremy Lakey; Six pods, any other beans: 1, 2 and 3 Bob Butcher; Four potatoes, white: 1, 2 and 3 Bob Butcher; Four potatoes, coloured: 1, 2 and 3 Penny Hewitt; Collection of potatoes: 1 Bob Butcher; Two globe turnips: 1 and 2 Sandy Christie; Four capsicums, sweet or chilli peppers: 1 and 2 David Goodchild, 3 Keith Melton; Any other vegetables: 1 Syd Cowan, 2 David Goodchild, 3 Geraldine Bates; Vegetable collection, one each of three kinds: 1 and 2 Bob Butcher, 3 Tony Murphy; Basket of plenty: 1 Keith Melton, 2 and 3 Bob Butcher; Ugliest vegetable: 1 Syd Cowan, 2 Steven Easton, 3 Syd Cowan.


Apples, culinary: 1 Geraldine Bates, 2 Kathleen Farquhar; Apples, dessert: 1 Steven Easton, 2 Colin French; Plums: 1 Kathleen Farquhar; Any other fruit: 1 Gillian Noble; Grapes: 1 and 2 Christine Liddell, 3 Syd Cowan.

Children’s Classes

A miniature garden, under 9: 1 Katie Drew, 2 Gabriella Turnbull, 3 Amy Sparshott; A crown, under 9: 1 Rachel Curry, 2 Charlotte Morrow, 3 Olivia Nesbitt; Souvenir Royal Jubilee, under 9: 1 Molly Storer, 2 Amy Sparshott, 3 Rosie Winters; Decorated pebble, under 9: 1 Ava Cobb, 2 Amelia Walker, 3 Gabriella Turnbull; Three iced biscuits, under 9: 1 Sophie Birkett, 2 Lauren Stroud, 3 Alice Cowell; Handwriting, under 7: 1 Lottie Jones, 2 Emily Johnson, 3 Charlotte Morrow; Handwriting, 7 to 9 years: 1 Amy Sparshott, 2 Emily Morton, 3 Laura Hamilton; A tiara, 9 to 14 years: 1 Samantha Gray, 2 Francesca Turnbull, 3 Kathryn Boulton; Souvenir Royal Jubilee, 9 to 14: 1 Francesca Turnbull, 2 Georgia Morrow, 3 Amelia McKenna; Garden party invitation, 9 to 14: 1 Jenny Craggs, 2 Amelia McKenna, 3 Sophie Nesbitt; Design for a stamp, 9 to 14: 1 Jenny Craggs, 2 Sophie Nesbitt, 3 Amelia McKenna; Three scones: 1 Sophie Dodd, 2 Kate Morris, 3 Jenny Craggs; Apple pie: 1 Alice Cowell, 2 Jenny Craggs, 3 Eve Ward.


One jar marmalade: 1 Penny Hewitt, 2 Syd Cowan, 3 Mary Guy; One jar fruit jelly: 1 Janet Angel, 2 Penny Hewitt, 3 Jack White; One jar jam: 1 Syd Cowan, 2 Mary Guy, 3 Penny Hewitt; One jar lemon curd: 1 Joan Harrison, 2 Penny Hewitt, 3 A Walker; One jar chutney: 1 Penny Hewitt, 2 Jack White, 3 Janet McCann; Shortcrust apple pie: 1 Jean Sadler, 2 Margaret Young, 3 Jean Sadler; Four rock cakes: 1 Penny Hewitt, 2 A Walker, 3 Doreen Christer; Cherry cake: 1 Penny Hewitt, 2 Ann Reid, 3 Irene Halliday; Sandwich cake: 1 Janet Angel, 2 Grange Lea, 3 Jane Dunn; Cup cakes: 1 Liz Shaw, 2 Valerie McNally, 3 Ingrid Ehrmann; Loaf, white: 1 Irene Halliday; Bakewell tart: 1 Isabel Dingwall, 2 Liz Shaw; Four shortbread fingers: 1 Irene Halliday, 2 Penny Hewitt, 3 A Walker; Four cheese scones: 1 Jane Dunn, 2 Penny Hewitt, 3 Ingrid Ehrmann; Four pieces of tray bake: 1 Ann Reid, 2 Isabel Dingwall, 3 Penny Hewitt.


Hand-made toy: 1 Maria Shuttleworth, 2 Grange Lea; Item of beadwork: 1 and 2 Penny Morris, 3 Norma Slade; Hand-knitted article: 1 and 2 Grange Lea; Any other craft: 1 Sheila Cowey, 2 Wynn Olds, 3 Grange Lea; Any other craft, in wood: 1 Christine Hudson, 2 Maria Shuttleworth, 3 Gill Bailey; Embroidered article: 1 Joyce Brain; Cross-stitch: 1 Wendy Trevitt, 2 Christine Hudson; Quilted item: 1 Valerie McNally, 2 Wendy Trevitt, 3 Maria Shuttleworth; Oil painting: 1 JM Andrews, 2 John Gill, 3 Cranston Cuthbert; Water colour: 1, 2 and 3 Marianne Wells; Line drawing: 1 Daisy Haggerty, 2 Marianne Wells; Acrylic painting: 1 Daisy Haggerty, 2 Barbara Jobling, 3 Margaret Cowan; Pastel: 1 Daisy Haggerty, 2 George Ridley; Mixed media exhibit: 1 Cranston Cuthbert, 2 Mary Guy.


White wine: 1 Syd Cowan, 2 Raymond Doughty, 3 Syd Cowan; Wine, not white: 1, 2 and 3 Syd Cowan.


Natural history: 1 Joan Helliwell, 2 John Slade, 3 Mike Sadler; Family holidays: 1 John Slade, 2 Jean Sadler, 3 Gordon Wilkinson; Jubilation: 1 Mike Sadler, 2 Colin French, 3 Mike Sadler; Water: 1 John Slade, 2 Mike Sadler, 3 Margaret Cowan; Animal photograph: 1 David Hudson, 2 John Slade, 3 Kristin Morgan; Four of a kind: 1 Margaret Cowan, 2 Joan Helliwell, 3 Joan Harrison; Children’s snapshot, under 9: 1 Sophie Birkett, 2 Gabriella Turnbull, 3 Charlotte Morrow; Children’s snapshot, 9 to 14 years: 1 and 2 Aoife Lakey, 3 Amelia McKenna.