Where can you use pass?

PARKING permit holders in Morpeth fear they could be at risk of fines as there is no signage about where they can use their passes.

The shoppers’ permit was introduced by Castle Morpeth Council to allow local residents to park free at quieter times of the day.

Previously it could be used in all car parks, but Northumberland County Council introduced new restrictions earlier this year and now it is only valid in Stanley Terrace North and South and New Market East and West.

However, holders say there is nothing on signage to say where permits do and do not apply. Permit holder Robert Douglas said: “We are never sure where we can use our permits. The car park signs are exactly the same everywhere and none say that you can’t use your permits there. The restrictions aren’t displayed.

“We go to the Morrisons car park and we think that’s ok because it is for shopping, but there is nothing to say that.

“You would have thought when the council is fining people for parking it should be displaying where you can and can’t use your permit. There is quite a lot of people who have been fined just for the sake of an hour or so. Some of those people might have had permits, but have parked in the wrong place because there is nothing on the notices.”

Another holder suggested that the details should be printed on the back of permits, as well as on car park signs.

“The car park signs only state that a valid parking permit may be used and they do not state that a shoppers’ parking permit cannot be used. All holders of the permit were informed by letter of the car parks which can be used. This of course relates to the letter being retained for a considerable period of time.”

A county council spokeswoman said: “The car parks where the permits can be used are clearly stated both in the terms and conditions attached to the application form and in the letter sent out with the permit attached.

“There isn’t any signage in car parks stating where the Northumberland shoppers’ permit can be used. There also was no signage for its predecessor, the Morpeth shoppers’ permit.

“There is, however, a signage review taking place, due to be implemented on November 5. The new signs will include a permit section and outline which of our permits are valid in that particular car park.”