Why a windfarm is wrong for here

RE: planning application for wind turbines between Fenrother and Fieldhead.

I object to the above application for the following reasons:

1. The proposed site of the windfarm. The area around the site consisting of rolling lowland farmland, magnificent in itself through the different seasons, also contains wonderful views such as that from the top of the byway leading down to Paxton Dene. From here Simonside, The Cheviots and the coast are all visible, as well as a wide stretch of Northumberland in between.

The lanes are used at various times not only by farm traffic but horse riders, cyclists, visitors with maps and people walking dogs. Despite being able to see the A1 in the distance, its peace and silence are undisturbed other than by the natural sounds of the countryside and the farms at work.

It is exactly the sort of place one is urged to find these days for quiet relaxation and doubtless there will be other locations nearby which will be similarly affected by the construction of the turbines.

2. There are several properties in the area which have been converted from old buildings into pleasant residential housing.

The prices of these must be affected by the proposal and even if compensation is offered, it will not compensate for the loss of peace and privacy and the disruption which these house dwellers will have to suffer.

3. The positioning of the proposed site lies between two major roads, both known for frequent traffic accidents.

The A1 is not dualled at this point and if construction vehicles are to access the site from there, the prospect of increased traffic delays and accidents looms large. The Fenrother turn-off on the A697 is already a notorious black spot. Driver distraction will further increase the possibility of accidents.

4. There is likely to be an impact upon tourism resulting in small businesses such as bed-and-breakfast places suffering. In addition to being a gateway to north Northumberland, the area offers much for tourists in its own right.

Visitors confronted with the sight of the Fenrother turbines so near, coupled with those visible at Lynemouth and Ashington, and those to be built at Wingates and Widdrington, are likely to be deterred from staying in the area, thinking that there is still too much industrialisation on view and preferring to travel further to Alnwick etc.

5. The site is on proposed green-belt land and that should therefore be recognised.

6. If the site is to be developed, then the local parish councils in the areas affected should receive the community funds.


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