Will is thriving, thanks to his ‘orange men’

Will Morris, who has made a full recovery after fracturing his skull.
Will Morris, who has made a full recovery after fracturing his skull.

When little William Morris suffered a sickening playground fall four years ago, his parents feared the worst.

The youngster was just three years old when the accident happened.

He had been playing at Morpeth play park and was standing on a platform on top of the slide when he stepped backwards, falling to the ground. He hit his head on a stone and suffered a fractured skull.

William’s parents Janet Kerwin and Chris Morris, of Throphill, are both neuroscientists at the University of Newcastle so they were all too aware how much danger their son was in.

But help was quickly at hand as the Great North Air Ambulance swooped in and its medics were able to treat William before flying him to Newcastle General Hospital.

The flight took just seven minutes, and now, as William celebrates his seventh birthday, Dr Kerwin says the quick response was critical to her son’s recovery.

“Time was of the essence. Will’s chances were definitely increased because of the speed he got to hospital, and the Great North Ambulance Service provides that essential ingredient,” she said.

“Now he’s a happy, bright and lively seven-year-old. Thankfully, he has forgotten much of his ordeal, although he does remember the ‘orange men’ who helped him and if we ever hear a helicopter, we always look up to see if it’s his.

“Words cannot express how grateful we are for the fantastic work the air ambulance crew does. They are truly life-savers.”

William celebrated his birthday with a pool party for pals at Whalton First School.

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