Working together to reduce crime

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THE Northumbria Probation Trust has formed a partnership with a service in Yorkshire in response to a Government review.

The organisation has entered into a strategic alliance with the West Yorkshire Probation Trust, with officials stressing that it is not a merger.

A joint strategic board has been established to oversee the alliance, although each trust will retain its own name, local staff and board.

It will allow the two bodies to keep probation in the public sector and expand the range and depth of services, along with their joint commissioning capabilities.

Government proposals indicate that various aspects of probation services will be subject to competition in the future and that probation trusts will need to act as commissioners of some services. These organisations will also be more independent and need to demonstrate cost effectiveness and efficiency as well as capability.

Chief Executive of Northumbria Probation Trust Nick Hall and Chief Executive of West Yorkshire Probation Trust Sue Hall said: “We firmly believe this alliance places both trusts in the strongest position to continue providing the best possible probation services to our local communities.

“Each trust has a broad range of excellent operational and corporate services, with many areas of common interest and complementary skills. Together, we will utilise the best of each trust to expand and enhance our ability to continue protecting the public and reducing re-offending.”