Yellow lines to be removed for more station parking

Coun Ian Lindley at Morpeth Train Station car park-he is working to provide more spaces.'REF 1802155086
Coun Ian Lindley at Morpeth Train Station car park-he is working to provide more spaces.'REF 1802155086

Yellow lines will be removed from areas around Morpeth Railway Station in a bid to provide more parking places.

The road restrictions in some parts of Coopies Lane will be removed for a trial period to address a shortage of parking bays for commuters.

In addition, the existing station car park will be re-modelled to create a few extra spaces.

Northumberland county councillor Ian Lindley has proposed the trial following anger from householders in nearby Kingswell and Low Stobhill about station users parking in ‘residents-only’ streets due to a shortage of dedicated bays.

The problem is particularly encountered at peak commuting times.

Coun Lindley said: “When we managed to obtain the funding to build the second car park at the station in 2012, I thought the parking capacity problem was solved. At the same time I asked for local estates to be protected by ‘residents-only’ designation.

“The success of the station is really welcome. I also have loads of sympathy for people who have to catch their trains. However, we must also protect the quality of life for Stobhill residents.”

Some commuters have been fined for parking in the ‘residents-only’ zones, while others have had ‘polite notices’ stuck on their windscreens to inform them of the designation.

Coun Lindley, who represents Stobhill, is now discussing the idea of creating another car park at the station with Northumberland County Council Highways officers and Network Rail.

However, he warned it will not be a quick fix.

He said: “This will be expensive and take a long time if the two-year negotiations for the last one are anything to go by.

“In the meantime, I have asked officers to re-model the existing car park to create a few more spaces and, as an experiment, remove the yellow lines from the appropriate parts of Coopies Lane.

“Prior to 2012 on-street parking was permitted on both sides of the road so hopefully this will work for traffic flow and parking. If not, we will have to re-think.”