Young musicians reap rewards and bursaries at annual festival

Young musicians showed off their skills at Wansbeck Music Festival.

Thursday, 20th April 2017, 10:58 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:03 pm
Tamsin Reed with Mayor of Ashington
Tamsin Reed with Mayor of Ashington

The event took place at various venues in Ashington and Morpeth.

The Ashington Town Council £600 Bursary to allow a performer from the town to attend the European Youth Music Summer School was awarded to Tamsin Reed.

Oscar Huan Xi Ho and Elin Devine Douglass with the Mayors of Morpeth and Ashington

King Edward VI School pupil Oscar Huan Xi Ho shared the Audrey Stimpson Bursary with Elin Devine Douglass.

And Oscar’s twin Edgar Huan Heng Ho, also at KEVI, took the Morpeth Town Council Bursary.

Results: Recorder Band: U9 Thomas Bewick Year 3; U11 Grace Darling Recorder Group. Recorder Consortt: U9 James Knott Recorder Group. Descant Recorder Solo: U11 and U13 Courtney Lucas. Treble Recorder Solo: U11 Courtney Lucas. Recorder Solo U16 Tamsin Reed. Ede Trophy: Tamsin Reed.

Woodwind Solo: U11 Courtney Lucas; U16 and U18 Tamsin Reed. Woodwind Duet: U13 Emily Watson and Matthew Lloyd; U16 Leah Teagle and Emily Davidson. Woodwind Ensemble: U13 NCEA Clarinet Group; U16 NCEA Flute Choir. Normanton Barron Memorial Cup: Tamsin Reed.

The opening of Wansbeck Music Festival

School Choirs. Songs: U7 Central Primary School; U9 Bede Academy Primary; U8 NCEA Choir. Hymn: U7 Central Primary School and Hetton Lyons Primary School; U9 Bede Academy Primary; U11 Bede Academy Primary Choir; U18 NCEA Chamber Choir. Ella Davidson Memorial Cup: RGS Junior Chamber Choir and Bede Academy Primary Choir. John Simpson Shield: Bede Academy Primary Choir.

Guitar Solo: U13 Lucy Birmingham; U16 Josh Barrass; U18 Oscar Huan Xi Ho; Open Oscar Huan Xi Ho. Guitar Duet: U13 Isabella Davison and Anna Robison; U16 Rachel Younger and Robbie Anderson. Guitar Ensemble: U11 James Knott Guitar Group; U16 NCEA Guitar Ensemble. Harp Solo: U18 Jason Ying.

Percussion Solo: U13 Matthew Wade; U16 Marvin Hanson; U18 Jason Ying. Ensemble: U16 NCEA Drumming Group.

Rock/Pop Band: U13 Grace Darling Rockestra/Rock Choir; U16 NCEA Year 10 Band; U18 Cramlington Learning Village. Ukelele Band: U11 Josephine Butler Primary and Central Primary School. School Orchestra: U16 NCEA Cadet Band. Class Orchestra: Key Stage 2 Josephine Butler Primary Mandolins.

Oscar Huan Xi Ho and Elin Devine Douglass with the Mayors of Morpeth and Ashington

Bill Bullman Composition: U13 James Knott Recorder Group; U16 Lynsey Garrett.

Vocal Duet: U16 Lucy Birmingham and Anna Robison, Mollie McInnes and Carlee Young; Open Sophie Butler and Jake Landreth. Vocal Quartet: Cramlington Learning Village.

Piano Solo: U9 William Straughan; U11 Georgia Hutchinson; U18 Jason Ying; Open Edgar Huan Heng Ho. Peggy Bell Cup: Jason Ying.

Brass Duet: U11 Hannah and Sally Lockey; U13 Aiden Campbell and Edgar Huan Heng Ho; U18 Kate Garnett and Darcy Whyatt. Beginners’ Brass Ensemble: U11 Thomas Bewick Trombones.

The opening of Wansbeck Music Festival

Elsie Tunney Memorial Cup: Elin Devine Douglass and Oscar Huan Xi Ho.