Your candidates for the Northumberland County Council elections

THE following candidates are standing for election to Northumberland County Council. Here they outline what they believe they can offer voters.


Lindsay Arkley

North View, Cresswell Road, Cresswell

Liberal Democrat

“I am standing as a Liberal Democrat in Druridge Bay because I want to make sure our beautiful nature reserve is protected for local people to enjoy. I also enjoy doing charity work with young people and want to make sure our area has ample opportunities for them to get on in life.”

Scott Dickinson

2 Beehive House, North Broomhill


“Labour will make sure that local firms get a fair crack at council contracts and its 1,300 affordable homes guarantee will provide an estimated £60million injection to the local economy.”

Daniel John Hedley

24 St Johns Estate, South Broomhill


“I am a local man, keen sportsman and passionate about improving job prospects for local people.”


David Malcolm Cox

Cheviot Lodge, Fairmoor, Morpeth

UK Independence Party

“It is time we had a new voice in Northumberland County Council, a voice of common sense, not tied to any of the other parties; a voice opposed to windfarms, to sort out the car-parking charges fiasco, to get rid of the Telford Bridge traffic lights, to try to get farmers a fair price for their produce, and our party is committed to deport serious criminals, regardless of their ‘Human Rights’ — what about our Human Rights? Vote for me and I will listen to you and work on your behalf.”

Otis Gilbert

East House, Mitford


“Labour will create at least 100 new apprentices a year because we need to tackle youth unemployment under the Tory-led Government.”

Charles Jevon

2 The Elms,


Liberal Democrat

“I was a Lib Dem councillor in Gateshead for 14 years before moving to Northumberland in 2007. I was a Chairman and Vice Chairman of school governing bodies and an active local campaigner. Currently based in Newcastle, I work for a national charity developing services across the North East and Cumbria. If elected I will represent the views of local people at County Hall and work alongside the parish councils to maintain and improve local services.”

Glen Sanderson

Eshott South Farm, Felton


“I am a local farmer and county councillor. I was a former councillor on Castle Morpeth Borough Council. I have been working to improve community links and have been campaigning to introduce far stricter local planning controls on wind turbine development.”


Milburn Douglas

62 Grange Court,



“Labour will create at least 2,000 high-quality construction jobs by building affordable homes for local families.”

Barry Kent

42 Park Road, Lynemouth

Liberal Democrat

“What my family and I most enjoy is the community spirit of the villages here. I’m standing because I believe in this community and believe the people here deserve better. I will work hard to encourage employers to come here and will fight for better facilities for our young people.”

Jeremy Lewis Wilcock

Stone Masons,



“I am a local businessman, keen to support plans for improved job opportunities in the Lynemouth area.”



Dave Herne

20 Whiteacres, Morpeth


“I am a well-known local man, who works locally and am involved in many community activities. A keen supporter of Morpeth Rugby Club, I have been a leading activist in the Lights Out campaign. I am determined to listen to the needs of local people and do not shy away from speaking up for them.”

Adrian Slassor

20 Northbourne Avenue, Morpeth


“Labour will guarantee to halt Liberal Democrat plans to privatise services, which have so far cost 1,500 council jobs, and will work with services to deliver better services for Northumberland’s residents.”

Andrew Tebbutt

15 The Kylins, Morpeth

Liberal Democrat

“Being a councillor brings with it considerable responsibility. Over the last five years I have faced up to many difficult and complex issues as a Cabinet member on Northumberland County Council. If re-elected I will continue to do my best for both Morpeth and Northumberland in whatever capacity I find myself. I will not make promises or commitments I know cannot be kept.”


David Lee Bawn

31 The Villas, St Mary’s


“I am Morpeth born, a solicitor by profession and keen to be a strong voice for Morpeth. I was one of the founders of the Lights Out campaign and a supporter of free parking for residents.”

Nic Best

57 Olympia Gardens,


Green Party

“Your new county councillors will serve for four years and there are going to be a lot of changes in Morpeth in that time — Morpeth deserves councillors who will represent the best interests of the town and who are able to work constructively across all political parties. I have shown I can do that.”

Ken Brown

32 Abbeygate, Morpeth

Liberal Democrat

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the work involved in being a town councillor for the last six years and the successes achieved in improving Morpeth’s situation. I believe that I have a track record of getting things done and I hope to continue serving the people of Morpeth North on the county council. Morpeth is a lovely town, a great place to live, to work, to go to school and also to visit. I have a strong commitment to making sure it stays that way.”

Colin Taylor

31 Northbourne Avenue, Morpeth


“Labour will make sure our streets, green spaces and communities are looked after by re-instating the Liberal Democrat £2million cut from the ‘street scene’ budget.”



John Beynon

9 Edward Street, Morpeth


“For years a stalwart of the community, I was a leading member of Castle Morpeth Borough Council and until recently a very active Chairman of Morpeth Chamber of Trade. I am often seen on the fairways of Morpeth Golf Club. For years I have helped to organise Morpeth Fair Day and have been a leading member of the Lights Out campaign. For many years I have been speaking out against car-parking charges in Morpeth, which damage the prosperity of the town.”

Debra Davies

16 Howard Road, Morpeth


“Labour will give the final say to local communities, not County Hall, on free parking and traffic management so local people can directly influence issues like Telford Bridge.”

Ian Paul Lindley

8 Crookham Grove,

Stobhill Manor, Morpeth

Liberal Democrat

“The county of Northumberland has all that is needed for a great future. I want to help shape that future in ways that strengthen our communities and quality of life for all. Morpeth is benefitting from investments in the new health centre, shopping, the Northern Bypass and flood defences, but needs sensitive development, working with residents. I took advice from the UK’s best street designer and fought to prevent the Telford Bridge traffic lights long before they were built, and put forward the only alternative design so far, based on a mini-roundabout. In my own ward, I want to continue working for the people of Stobhill and delivering the Stobhill Regeneration Plan along with our key partners.”


Muriel Brown

Capri Lodge, Northgate, Morpeth

UK Independence Party


Sheila Luck

25 De Merley Gardens,

Widdrington Station


“Events organiser and advisor to voluntary organisations, I specialise in marketing and health and safety, alongside dispute mediation and resolution.”

Sam (Alan) Sambrook

5 Spencer Drive, Pegswood


“I’m backing Labour’s pledge to build 1,300 affordable homes for local families across Northumberland.”

David Woodard

11 The Croft, Ulgham

Liberal Democrat

“I was elected by the council to be the first Chairman of the new unitary council in April 2009. I am extremely proud of this honour and of the way members of the Liberal Democrat minority administration at County Hall have worked well in cross-party committees and working groups with members of the other political groups. The public rarely gets an insight into this constructive aspect of a councillor’s work. Despite having over £100million less to spend over the last four years this work has contributed to the maintenance and improvement of services, plus no increase in Council Tax for the last three years.”



Eileen Armstrong

Hillcrest, Prestwick



“I worked for a long time in the health service and now as a company director. I have been acclaimed for my work to improve the council’s treatment of people in need of respite care. I am campaigning against the windfarm application at Tranwell.”

Collin Dickinson

18 Broadacres, Bardon Mill

UK Independence Party

Joint statement with David Nicholson, candidate for Ponteland West.

“Whether through ignorance or arrogance, the main political party leaders have consistently ignored the genuine concerns of the voters in this country. UKIP is the only party to offer solutions to those concerns.”


Richard Dodd

Ogle Hill Head, Belsay


“Local farmer and county councillor, I have been the Chairman of the county council’s Family and Children’s Services Committee and am particularly concerned to maintain good education in all areas of the county.”


Peter Alan Jackson

Bradford Edge House,



“I am a well-known former Leader of Castle Morpeth Borough Council, local businessman and former Board Member of the development agency One NorthEast. I have been calling for the county council to be decentralised and to be far more responsive to local need.

“I have seen the need to invest in our road infrastructure and will continue to push the council to address this critical issue.”

Ian Shepherd Sotheran

3 Shaftoe Crescent,


Liberal Democrat

“I am standing for Northumberland County Council for Ponteland South to ensure local people’s voices and opinions are heard in County Hall. I aim to work with other county councillors to ensure your money is spent wisely and also to ensure the greenbelt areas in Northumberland are protected.”


Veronica Jones

22 Wallridge Cottages, Ingoe


“A Wallridge resident, I have just been given a national award for my work for a more active life for our older people called Ageing Well. I am now the local champion for the roll-out of high-speed broadband in my locality.”

David Nicholson

3 Guidepost Cottages,


UK Independence Party

Joint statement with Collin Dickinson, candidate for Ponteland East and Stannington.

“Whether through ignorance or arrogance, the main political party leaders have consistently ignored the genuine concerns of the voters in this country. UKIP is the only party to offer solutions to those concerns.”

THE following candidates are standing as candidates for parish and town councils in Northumberland.

Belsay (six seats): Rachel Elizabeth Batchelor, Keeper’s Cottage, Sandyford, Belsay; Dawn Holmes, Bolam Low House, Belsay; Edward Bede McDonnell, Rose Cottage, Belsay; Keith Metcalfe, 20 Wallridge Cottages, Ingoe; Fiona Campbell Mason Neilson, Arcade House, 13 The Arcade, Belsay; Keith John Storey, Greystones, Wallridge, Ingoe.

Cresswell (seven seats): Lindsay Arkley, North View, Cresswell Road, Cresswell; Loraine Gess, Crows Nest, Cresswell; Drew Laing, 12 The Elms, Ellington; John Michael McCann, Panhaggerty, Cresswell; Alan Richardson, 2 Lilac Court, Cresswell Road, Ellington; Caroline Smith, Wavecrest, Cresswell; Nigel Thompson, Golden Sands, Beach Road, Cresswell; Sandra Margaret Thompson, Golden Sands, Beach Road, Cresswell; Louise Wright, Manor House, Cresswell; Michael Keith Wright, Manor House, Cresswell.

East Chevington (East Chevington Coastal Ward) (two seats): Paul Claridge (Lab), 3 Station Road, North Broomhill.

East Chevington (East Chevington Town Ward) (eight seats): Mary Alice Charlton, 58 Simonside Crescent, Hadston; Scott James Dickinson (Lab), 2 Beehive House, North Broomhill; Ann Elliott, 62 St Johns Estate, South Broomhill; Penelope Ann Fidkin, 56 Woodside Crescent, Hadston; John Leach, 1 Willow Close, Hadston; Thelma Morse, 1 Lake View, Hadston; Anthony Reay (Lab), 2 Beehive House, North Broomhill; Fred Thurgood, 14 The Dunes, Hadston.

Ellington and Linton (12 seats): Pamela Allenby, 1 Potland View, Linton; June Mary Bailey, 28 Coquet Drive, Ellington; John Thomas Cole, Annan, Linton; George Jackson, 15 Breamish, Ellington; Janet Elizabeth Lawlor, Howick Villa, Lynemouth Road, Ellington; Louise Liddiatt, High Main, Linton Colliery; John Patterson, 39 Coquet Drive, Ellington; John Robson, 7 Ravensworth Gardens, Ellington; Kathleen Robson, 7 Ravensworth Gardens, Ellington; Hilda Tait, 14 Third Row, Ellington; David Wandless, Springwell, Ellington.

Hartburn (six seats): Susan Elizabeth Cansdale, The Bakers Chest, Hartburn; Ernest Mitchell Coe, Hartview, Hartburn; Peter Heatherington, Dene House, Hartburn; Robbie Howard, The Smithy, Hartburn; David Philipson, Angerton Home Farm, Hartburn; Alan Thompson, Angerton Broom House, Hartburn.

Hebron (six seats): Juliet Ruth Brewster, Howburn House, East Shieldhill; John Dungait, East Shield Hill Farmhouse, East Shield; Charles Raymond Green, Westwood, Hebron; Andrew Davidson Kelly, Foxfield, Hebron; Brian Moon, 1 Espley Court, Espley; David Watson, Cocklaw, Cockle Park.

Heddon On The Wall (Ward 1) (five seats): Richard Adams, 9 Valerian Avenue; Lil Cruickshank, 54 Trajan Walk; Alisoun Gardner Medwin, Flocktons, Station Road; David Greensitt, 5a Taberna Close; Bryn Tailford, 11 Trajan Walk; Hazel Anne Thompson, 27 Centurian Way.

Heddon On The Wall (Ward 2) (two seats): Michael Iley, 100 Trajan Walk; Robert Young, Allerburn Farm, East Heddon.

Heddon On The Wall (Ward 3) (two seats): Ian Hamilton Armstrong, 2 Bluebell Cottages, Houghton Moor.

Hepscott (five seats): Philip Barry Ashmore, Meadow Rise; David Cowans, The Pines, Fieldhouse Lane; Philippa Raper, 12 Barmoor Bank; Kenneth Reed, 4 Parkside.

Longhirst (seven seats): Catherine Mary Farrell, Ashtrees; Gillian Mary Featonby, Middle Moor Farm; Bob Jackson, Sydney Cottage, Longhirst Colliery; Maureen Lowes, 23 Longhirst Village; Christopher Marr, The Old Vicarage; Peter John McPherson Nicol, Highlees; Richard Tordoff, Longhirst Farmhouse.

Longhorsley (seven seats): Iain Stewart Elliott, Horsley Tower; Penny Ford, Pinewood, Church View; Marti Holland, 33 Whitegates; Mary Hughes, 17 Church View; Thomas Stuart Lowrie, Rest Harrow; Victoria Kate Pagan, 64 Church View; David Pringle, The Croft, West End.

Lynemouth (12 seats): Andrew Thomas Brotherton, 5 Matlock Square; Mark David Burdon, 39 Hermitage Gardens, Chester Le Street; Alec Crumplin, 44 Eden Terrace; Jo Crumplin, 44 Eden Terrace; Liz Dunn, 16 West Market Street; Tom Dunn, 16 West Market Street; Georgina Gartley Ayre, 18 Dalton Avenue; Brian Grisdale, 25 Ingleby Terrace; Ian Neilan Hampson, 70 Dalton Avenue; Kevin Hindmarsh, 4 Bridge Road; Barry Kent (LibDem), 42 Park Road; Kris Spratt, 30 River View; Bill Thompson, 78 Albion Terrace; Gillian Thompson, 78 Albion Terrace; Julie Elizabeth Tyler, 33 Fenham Road.

Matfen (Ward 1) (three seats): Francis Wilson Robson, South Farm, Ryal.

Matfen (Ward 2) (three seats): Robin Braithwaite Douglass, Low Hall; Ann Teresa Gregory Smith, 3 Paddock Close; John Telford, 5 The Oaks.

Meldon (Meldon Ward) (three seats): Peter John Cookson, The Old Rectory; Allan Frankland, The Old Smithy, Dyke Neuk; George Joseph Sanger, Rivergreen Cottage.

Meldon (Pigdon Ward) (six seats): Peter Brewis, Newton Underwood, Mitford; Margaret Isobel Taylor, Middle Molesden Cottage, Mitford; John Marshall Wilson, Rivergreen Mill, Molesden.

Mitford (six seats): Esther Ridley, Fairfield, Tranwell Woods; Margaret Elaine Scott, 25 Fontside; Mike Sharp, Newton Mill Farm; Brian Edward Talkes, The Manor House; David James Towns, 2 New Cottages.

Morpeth (Morpeth Kirkhill Ward) (five seats): Ken Brown (LibDem), 32 Abbey Gate; Jack Alexander Gebhard (Cons), 1 Sylvan Close; Dave Herne (Cons), 20 Whiteacres; David John Parker (LibDem), 4 The Kylins; Charlotte Elizabeth Peacock (Cons), 17 Glanton Close; Adrian Slassor (Lab), 20 Northbourne Avenue; Andrew Tebbutt (LibDem), 15 The Kylins; Joan Carol Tebbutt (LibDem), 15 The Kylins; Richard Wearmouth (Cons), Barmoor Farm House.

Morpeth (Morpeth North Ward) (five seats): David Lee Bawn (Cons), 31 The Villas, St Mary’s; Nicola Ann Bawn (Cons), 31 The Villas, St Mary’s; Nic Best (Green), 57 Olympia Gardens; Les Cassie (LibDem), 12 Cottingwood Lane; David E Clark (Ind), Millview, 3 Wansbeck Street; Ron Forster (Green), 3 River View; Bob Robertson (Ind), 33 Thorp Avenue; Richard Thompson (LibDem), 58 Wansdyke; Graeme Paul Trotter (LibDem), 18 Dacre Street; Johnny Wearmouth (Cons), Rose Cottage, Barmoor.

Morpeth (Morpeth Stobhill Ward) (five seats): Alison Byard (LibDem), 42 Crookham Grove; Mark Horton (LibDem), 39 The Kylins; Stuart Lishman (LibDem), 77 Newgate Street; Rachel Elizabeth Moore (Cons), 21 Greenfield Drive, Guidepost; Mark David Owen (LibDem), 17 Morpeth Avenue, Pegswood; David Lawrence Pope (LibDem), 9 Tenter Terrace.

Netherwitton (six seats): Hugo John McGowan, The Old Post Office, Longwitton; Mark Grant Robson, Bide-A-Wee Cottage, Stanton; David Bryan Ronn, Witton Shields House, Netherwitton; Louise Spriggs, Longwitton Hall; John Henry Thornton Trevelyan, Netherwitton Hall.

Nunnykirk (five seats): James Henry Bell, East Wingates Farm; Kirsty Barbara Bell, East Wingates Farm; Liz Bratton, Wingates Cottage.

Pegswood (nine seats): Linda Ann Doherty (Ind), 17 Burghley Gardens; Alan Hepburn Fowlie (Ind), 2 Petworth Gardens, Broxburn Park; John Park (Ind), Bothal Rectory; Pauline Proud (Ind), 3 Croome Gardens; Sam Sambrook (Lab), 5 Spencer Drive; Julie Stephenson (Ind) The Paddock, Fieldhouse Lane, Hepscott; Peter Stonell, 8 Bamburgh Drive; Simon Willcox, 5 Croome Gardens; David Woodard, 11 The Croft, Ulgham.

Ponteland (Ponteland East Ward) (three seats): Christine Hazel Caisley (Cons), Sycamore Cottage, Prestwick; Sue Johnson (Cons), 85 Cheviot View; Lesley Noble (Cons), 93 Cheviot View.

Ponteland (Ponteland North Ward) (three seats): Richard Dodd (Cons), Ogle Hill Head, Belsay; Christine Anne Greenwell (Cons), Station Lodge, Station Cottages; Adam Francis Shanley (Cons), 43 Linden Way, Darras Hall.

Ponteland (Ponteland South Ward) (three seats): Peter Cowey (Cons), 17 Linden Way, Darras Hall; Robin Ramsay (Cons), 11a The Rise, Darras Hall; Carl Maxwell Rawlings (Cons), 7 The Rise.

Ponteland (Ponteland West Ward) (three seats): Joyce Butcher (Cons), 16 Meadowvale, Darras Hall; Rob Punton (Cons), 30 Linden Way, Darras Hall; Elizabeth Eleanor Thompson (Cons), 211 Western Way.

Rothley (four seats): Esther Mills, 1 Rothley Sawmill Cottages, Scots Gap; Nanette Maud Robson, Rothley Mill Farm, Hartburn; Patricia Louise Sharp, Rothley Park Farm, Longwitton; Martin Shaw, Rothley House.

Stamfordham (Ward 1) (one seat): Edward Calverley Thornton Trevelyan, 14 Southside.

Stamfordham (Ward 2) (three seats): Linda Ann Boylan, 42 Grange Road; David John Fitzpatrick, Church House, Southside; Abby Smith, Burnside, Grange Avenue.

Stannington (eight seats): Helen Nadine Brown, No 1 Glororum Farm Cottages, Glororum Farm; Karen Audrey Carins, North Bran Moor Farm, Station Road; Sandra Dickinson, 6 Moor Lane; Alan Paul Roy Gregory, The Vicarage, Beechlea; Philip Allen Smith, 18 Green Close; Denise Anne Strachan, Clifton House, Clifton.

Thirston (six seats): Euan Alistair Davidson, The Steading, West Thirston; Hazel Lindley, Field Cottage, West Thirston; John Philip Birkett Marshall, The Sallings, West Thirston; Anne Herbertson Morton, Fairfields, West Thirston; Sandra Proctor, Woodcutters, Bainbridge Lane, Eshott; John Howard Secker, Emerson House, Bainbridge Lane, Eshott.

Tritlington and West Chevington (Tritlington Ward) (five seats): Dennis George Dixon, Welbeck House, Tritlington; Jack Arthur Feather, 4 Shield Green Farm, Tritlington; Richard Gibb, Old School House, Tritlington; Peter Maxwell Hogg, New Houses, Causey Park; Gemma Elizabeth Lunn, Lyneburn House, Fenrother.

Tritlington and West Chevington (West Chevington Ward) (two seats): David Elliott, 1 Chevington Moor Cottages, Chevington Moor.

Ulgham (five seats): George Brown, Bilsdale; Lesley Anne Newman, 4 Ulgham Grange Farm; Jim Scott, 10 The Croft; Helen Frances Shaw, 7 The Forge Estate.

Wallington Demesne (nine seats): Jonathan Aynsley, Wallington New Houses, Cambo; John Ballantine, 16 Oakford, Scots Gap; Denise Cowan, 14 Oakford, Scots Gap; Allison Douglass, 1 Garden Cottage, Middleton; Tom Dower, Saugh House, Cambo; Ken Fortune, 2 Garden Cottage, Middleton; Elsie Margaret Green, Thorn Tree House, Middleton.

Whalton (Ward 1) (two seats): Stephen James Trobe, Ogle Dene Farm; Leonard Waterworth, Lonnen House, Ogle.

Whalton (Ward 2) (four seats): William Arthur Grix, Hillhead Farm; Penelope Margaret Norton, The Manor House; Susan Christine Richardson, 14 Manor Close.

Widdrington Station and Stobswood (Stobswood Ward) (two seats): Kevin Batson, 12 Woodburn Street, Stobswood.

Widdrington Station and Stobswood (Widdrington Station Ward) (five seats): George Askew, 59 Mile Road; David Baron, 1 Monmouth Court; Anderson John Crowe, 25 Elizabeth Street; Isabell Fraser, 12 Grange Court; Joseph William Sennett, 7 Grange Court; Shelly Willoughby, 2 Liddell Terrace.

Widdrington Village (eight seats): Mark Stephen Coomber, Lawvale Cottage; Maria Farrow-Tait, The Stables, 2 Houndalee Cottages East; David Gair, Bracken Barn, Priory View; Mary Gair, Bracken Barn, Priory View; James Alexander Grant, Joiners Cottage; John Grant, Shamal, Mile Road; Dale Page, 2 Castle Mound; Valerie Russell Seddon, Lawvale Cottage.