Your new parish councillors

PARISH council results have started to come through.

In Cresswell there are seven councillors ready to take their seats.

They are Louise Wright (60 votes), Caroline Smith (56 votes), Lindsay Arkley (52 votes), Alan Richardson (47 votes), Drew Laing (45 votes), Michael Keith Wright (45 votes) and Loraine Gess (42 votes).

Those missing out were Nigel Thompson (35 votes), John Michael McCann (29 votes) and Sandra Thompson (24 votes).

In Lynemouth, 12 councillors were elected.

They are Kevin Hindmarsh (240 votes), Gillian Thompson (220 votes), Bill Thompson (201 votes), Liz Dunn (179 votes), Kris Spratt (171 votes), Tom Dunn (156 votes), Barry Kent (154 votes), Brian Grisdale (125 votes), Jo Crumplin (119 votes), Alec Crumplin (115 votes), Andrew Thomas Brotherton (114 votes) and Julie Elizabeth Tyler (92 votes).

The candidates who lost out were Georgina Gartley Ayre (88 votes), Ian Neilan Hampson (87 votes) and Mark David Burdon (72 votes).