A laid-back lifestyle

I WOULD just like to express my appreciation for the article written by Amy Chapman in a Vet’s Diary recently.

This extolled the virtues of adopting a retired greyhound as a pet.

Like many others, I was under the impression that greyhounds need a large house and garden and need to run for miles every day.

In actual fact they are sprinters on the race track, and as a breed in general are very laid back and lazy.

They do indeed make an ideal family pet with a gentle and quiet disposition.

They somehow manage to take up less room in a small house or apartment than a lively little dog, because they prefer to lie around and allow you to step over them.

There are many retired greyhounds at the Northumberland Greyhound Rescue Centre waiting for their forever owners to arrive.

I adopted my girl two years ago and have never regretted one moment of the time spent together since.

She retired from racing at the age of three, and had been completely vetted, spayed and chipped before adoption.


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