A sign of strength

POLITICIANS, councillors and leaders of organisations are always an easy target, and possibly the cheapest, meanest of all jibes is to accuse them of making a U-turn.

Having taken time to evaluate a situation, or to deliberate on a course of action, should not be assumed to be a sign of weakness or indecision.

On the contrary, it is frequently a sign of a mature mind, capable of change after thoughtful reflection on a previously-held position, the result of listening to wise counsel and the opinions of others.

We should be thankful for leaders who are prepared to change their minds. The stubborn adherence to a position taken early, without consideration of alternative opinions and advice, can so often result in poor decisions being carried forward in the face of better judgement, ending in the implementation of disastrous policies.

With elections coming up, we, the voters, must decide whether we want representatives who will stick to their guns through thick and thin, no matter how misguided that may prove, or do we want those who will listen, evaluate and, if need be, reconsider their position, even at the risk of having to do the dreaded U-turn.

Wisdom, strength and firmness in leadership are no doubt to be admired, but the dividing line which, if crossed, leads to bull-headed stubbornness is a boundary which the wise are well able to discern.

Use your vote thoughtfully, and if need be, change you mind.