Alternative solution to bottleneck

In a few years, the Telford Bridge will need to be closed for serious repairs and the disruption will be far worse than anything seen in recent years; the bridge in any case is a serious bottleneck.

There is a solution, though no doubt prohibitively expensive, which is worth describing so we can appreciate what might have been.

While the former Davison’s Garage site at Goosehill is an open space, there is the opportunity to use the land for a large roundabout.

This would feed traffic over the Telford Bridge to and from Bridge Street only, with Dark Lane traffic only going over a second, new bridge and through part of what is now the Terrace car park to and from the Dark Lane roundabout.

The new roundabout would give a much-needed proper entrance and exit to Goosehill, plus an access to Castle Square.

The need for a roundabout or lights at St George’s Church would thus be eliminated and the end section of Bridge Street on the north side of the church could be generally freed of traffic – but could be reopened as a relief road whenever one or other bridge needs repairing.

There is also the advantage of preventing the construction of whatever might finally be built on the Davison’s Garage site, as (even if sympathetically designed) it will be at least a storey too high and will dominate the whole area of the town.

Once Davison’s site is built on, there are no other possibilities of solving the Telford Bridge bottleneck.

Using the land to help the town won’t happen, of course, but at least it would be cheaper than HS2 or CrossRail.


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