An enjoyable evening out

The ‘Welcome to Country’ evening held at the Co-op Arcade Building, Ashington, (June 5) turned out to be a grand, enjoyable evening, with the Aboriginal Australian exchange people guests of honour.

They gave us an interesting talk on the depth of their culture, anthropology, ancestors, customs and ‘earth-balance’, while the Northumbrian story-telling to poetry and music was “a bit of the craik”.

It was side=spittingly funny on pitmatic life, the ‘wifey’, social clubs and the miners’ wit down below, underground.

The audience never stopped smiling at the musician-comedian’s talent, and shared his pathos of the miners’ everyday family life.

Our feet were all tapping to The Blaydon Races and other Northumbrian/Geordie songs.

It was a very talented night of shared exchanges of customs and beliefs, both respecting each other’s heritage.

Didn’t you do well Ashington Community Development Trust?

When’s the next one?

Mrs Connie Joan Houseplan