Bowls Club has done its bit to keep green smart

IN response to Mr Fowler’s article about Carlisle Park.

I thought it was a very good article and totally agree with you about its decline.

However, did you know the Leisure Centre is responsible for the greens and tennis courts, which includes the putting green, and they pay Northumberland County Council to do the maintenance inside the green metal fence which surrounds the bowling greens?

You mentioned the members of the bowling club being the main user and subscribing to its maintenance.

Well, here is a list of what the members have achieved over the past few years by applying for grants to make the facilities better for everybody:

1 Perimeter fence; 2 Security shutters; 3 Sprinkler system; 4 New toilets; 5 New lockers; 6 New electrical supply; 7 New kitchen; 8 Complete decoration inside; 9 Any repairs that need to be done.

All the seats around the greens have been donated by members of the club and the present playing members maintain them.

The greens are used every evening and some afternoons by men’s and ladies’ leagues.

The Monday night league is a local town league, which has been going since 1963, quite a record you must agree.

Once again, I totally agree with what you are saying and thank you for the page in the Herald.

There are plans to smarten up the bowling green area, but we will just have to wait and see.



Morpeth Bowling Club