BREXIT: Campaigning for scrutiny

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In the year since the EU referendum in June 2016, we have had so many historical changes: Dramas, tragedies and elections.

Even now the news changes day by day.

Our group, Angels for Europe, had just established itself when the election was called. Now we have to adjust to a new reality like everyone else.

However, our two basic aims are unchanged.

We are campaigning for proper democratic scrutiny of the Brexit process and an option to remain in the EU at the end of the negotiations.

We are making plans to discuss our aims with the four MPs from Northumberland.

And we’ll be out in a street near you soon.

So, dear readers, we hope to see you to discuss your hopes and fears.

Itziar Amorrortu, Chris Brock, Pat Fuller, Peter Fuller, Bridget Gubbins, Paul Thompson


Ken McDonald, Diane Milburn


Wendy Bond, Ruth Seager

Greenhead and Haltwhistle