BRIDGE: Not built for modern times

The headline and text of the Morpeth Herald’s retirement complex article are quite incredible, there being no mention of the site being required to accept the south end of a vehicular bridge.

Evidently, the existing Telford Bridge is expected to outlast the retirement complex.

Is it not even more incredible that Thomas Telford was able to visualise trucks carrying 40 tonnes on six axles when designing the bridge about 100 years before articulated trucks were invented?

History tells us that the people of Morpeth tend to wait for a disaster to happen before taking preventative action, for example flood alleviation.

Perhaps Northumberland County Council taxpayers will be required to provide comfortable chairs for the ridiculous new county council building in Ashington in which councillors will be able to sleep peacefully whilst the buses from Morpeth to Newcastle will have to go via Whorral Bank, the Northern Bypass, and the A1 via Fairmoor.

Nothing lasts forever, not even in sleepy old Morpeth, where we still rely, every day, on a bridge that was built for horses and carts.

Norman Bateman

Low Espley