CARE: We’d be lost without home

I read with sadness the article condemning East Riding care home, (Morpeth Herald, February 4).

Since my mother, aged 95 and with mixed dementia, became a resident there, I have visited the home often and found no sign at all of neglect. In fact quite the reverse.

I have seen the carers spending copious amounts of time carefully and patiently feeding those who cannot do anything for themselves. One day I was invited to eat lunch and I have to say, I have never tasted better. The food is tasty and nutritious and there is plenty of it. Everyone eats well there.

The staff have so much patience for those with mental health problems and take them outside for walks or to sit in the sunshine when they are in distress. Those who need more care are given it.

My mother and I have always been treated courteously and she loves it there. She sings and dances when I visit and there is always music to listen to. Edith, her friend, sings all day long.

Even if I visit at awkward times, I am never made to feel a nuisance, which is a bonus for a busy person like myself.

I feel the staff should be supported for their work to aid these elderly people.

We have very few care homes in Morpeth and they are mostly full. What on earth would people like me do if there wasn’t such a place to help us care for our parents? I give grateful thanks for every bit of help they give.

Pamela Read