Challenge to send a letter

I was amused to see Mark Horton sidestep the issues that John Beynon has been raising via his letters in the Morpeth Herald.

Coun Horton noted down a list of duties of a town councillor, seemingly seeking praise for simply doing what he was elected to do. He went into such detail that perhaps next week we can expect a run-through of his breakfast routine and whether he puts the milk in before, or after, pouring his tea?

What John Beynon has been highlighting, very correctly, are issues such as free parking and the Lib Dem town council’s track record on that.

On free parking, may I remind Councillor Horton that it was a Lib Dem councillor who suggested Morpeth residents wanted a ‘free lunch’ on free parking and that complaining about it, when driving their ‘posh cars’ was ‘nonsensical?’

As highlighted by Councillor David Bawn, it is Lib Dems (David Woodard in the Herald and Councillor Tebbutt at County Hall) who are still questioning the provision of free parking for the town even now.

Councillor Tebbutt, in his guise as a town councillor, voted in favour of free parking and yet in his role as a county councillor he spoke out against free parking in the recent budget debate.

Hypocrisy in action? You decide.

Further to the above, I must also pull up Lib Dem Ken Brown on an earlier letter to the Herald.

Mr Brown suggested that words attributed to John Beynon as a member of the Chamber of Trade were repeated on a Conservative website, which also referenced John as a prominent local Conservative.

Sadly for Mr Brown this was not true. There is one local Conservative website (www.wansbeck-conserva and no such article was published. A double check of the site next time, no matter how painful it is for him to read, will help avoid future errors.

By contrast, I did take the time to read the local Lib Dem website: ‘Crazy,’ I hear you say.

Diligent readers of the Herald will recall Ken Brown’s letter of January 31, in which he defended a letter to the Herald from all Lib Dem town councillors about the situation at County Hall.

Mr Brown said: ‘It should be noted that the letter to which he (Independent Town Coun Bob Robertson) refers (January 16) was not signed as a Liberal Democrat one, simply with a list of names of some of the town councillors’.

This is of course all very commendable. As chairman of the local Conservative Party, myself and other prominent Conservatives such as Councillor David Bawn had urged cross-party support as the County Hall proposals were scrutinised.

Sadly for Ken Brown, the local Lib Dem website now reports this letter as a ‘letter published in the Morpeth Herald from Lib Dem town councillors’.

Given that we have established that the Lib Dems do in fact like to send group letters, can I suggest that they send a group letter to the Herald confirming that they now want free parking in Morpeth?

If they do so, I will even publish it on the Conservative website so Ken Brown can read it.


Chairman, Morpeth and Wansbeck Conservatives