CLOSURE: Changes will kill off town

Northumberland County Council is closing a fire station, but it will waste millions of pounds moving County Hall to Ashington.

If the county council is so short of money, how can councillors justify the move to Ashington while leaving lives at risk because they cannot afford to support a fire station?

Where is all this money coming from? Can we justify allowing a move to an all-singing-all-dancing, new County Hall at Ashington and demolishing a building which is only 30-odd years old and building a new school and leisure facility?

This planned new venture will create untold misery for commuters travelling to work on the road southbound out of Morpeth at peak times.

A massive school would be a major traffic hazard for students and parents dropping off and picking up their children. The infrastructure of Morpeth is going to be crippled by the amount of housing that is being developed around and about the town.

How has the council allowed this saturation situation of hundreds of houses in and around Morpeth?

Morpeth is a small market town. We have not got the roads or parking for hundreds of extra cars converging on the town centre to shop.

As a result, local businesses will lose trade and Morpeth, as a town, will die.

Shouldn’t the money be spent where it is actually needed in Northumberland – on services such as the fire brigade and on projects to benefit the community, not a bunch of Labour councillors.

Juneille Smith