COUNCIL: Show us some common sense

On Friday in Bridge Street, Morpeth, no less than three council-type, self-propelled, ride-on grass mowers were travelling in convoy.

I was reminded of being sent to plough when aged 16 and not legally able to drive a tractor on the highway.

On arrival I followed in the furrow behind a similar tractor and plough combination. Within a few minutes the farm’s manager came and said to me: “There are 24 other acres in the field.”

He added that if the other ploughman had a problem we would both be stopped so I had to start another head further along the field.

It occurred to me that the same could apply to the grass mowers.

The Prime Minister recently indicated that it was not necessarily the amount that was spent, but how the money was deployed that determined the quality of our public services.

Thank you, Mr Cameron. Perhaps the Prime Minister has had similar advice to the writer.

Common sense is not expensive, but evidently in the instance of building a County Hall on the edge of a county, common sense does not apply.

Norman Bateman

Low Espley