COUNTY HALL: You couldn’t make it up

That the Labour Administration of Northumberland County Council has refused to discuss the move of County Hall from Morpeth to Ashington at a full council meeting comes as no surprise.

This is the same administration that tried to cancel a previous council meeting because local residents had the temerity to organise a protest ahead of the meeting about cuts to post-16 travel funding for schoolchildren.

The proposed move of County Hall is entirely political and if Morpeth was a Labour town then this would not be an issue.

The move will deliver no overall economic benefits for Northumberland as it will simply displace public sector jobs from one part of the county to another.

It will cost the taxpayers in Northumberland £34.4million to deliver absolutely nothing, apart from a County Hall building that will be in a less accessible part of Northumberland, with no East Coast Main Line station or direct access to the A1.

You couldn’t make it up.

Paul Scott