CROSSING: Road is just not suitable

To put a pelican crossing on a 60mph road is stupid. These are designed to be used in local areas.

Imagine the amount of drivers travelling at 60mph, or 90ft per second, who see a red light.

Would they panic and emergency break, and cause all kinds of problems for following traffic, or not see the lights/crossing until it is too late?

Or would they just accelerate as the lights change to try to race them, or just ignore them completely and floor the gas pedal?

For the crossing mentioned by East Chevington Parish Council, if the pedestrian is stepping into the road, they need to check it is safe to do so and allow sufficient time to walk safely to the refuge in the centre of the carriageway, and the same for the second part of the crossing.

There are options.

If the council wants to show its commitment to the safety concerns of its taxpayers, it could build an underpass. There is one in the area not too far away under the same road.

Or there could be a pedestrian/wheelchair/cycle bridge, but that probably wouldn’t solve the problem of people crossing the road, risking their own life and other people’s lives for laziness, or to save a couple of minutes, so the underpass may be the most used and safest option of the two.

I personally think the road from Amble to Widdrington should be a dual carriageway, which would provide appropriate safety measures.

Let’s see what the council says to that.

Michael Butler,

By email